Sunday, January 13, 2013

What do you do?

When you are feeling imbalance, what do you do? Find someone to talk to? go shopping with your BFF? Get a big hug from your loved one? Have a big meal alone? Enjoy dessert? Go for drink? Hang out with crazy friends and do crazy things?
Usually I find my own ways... Mostly it depends on the situation too... I believe that if you have boyfriend, definitely you will wish to get a big hug or deep kiss from him and of course his company. What if you do not have boyfriend or girlfriend? What would you do in order to release your imbalance feeling? To me, usually I will go for sport, shopping, eat dessert(ice cream and cake) or maybe as long as eat a lot till the max satisfaction or else sleeping could be another ideal way too. But no matter how, everything could be just past, life is moving on... Just find back the balance for yourself will do.. Can't find it? Just try to do some other to distract yourself from it then everything will fine very soon.. ;)

Sunday, December 2, 2012

你不知道的事 Things that you don't know

















Previously read about this but today realized that the above mentioned shall share out to those guys outside there. Apology on this passage is only available in mandarin. For those do not understand mandarin, kindly get Google assists in translation or any mandarin translator to explain to you. Wish every couple shall stay sweet and happily ever after. =)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Workaholic Life

Time flies... I just realized that I've been staying in KL for 3 months already, I've been worked for 3 months here. 
Daily routine of work which is, wake up, wash up, dress up, driving, working, driving, back at home, then sleeping. I don't wish to have a routine lifestyle like this but, as time goes by, I slowly living in that manner, yet I'm kinda workaholic right now. Everyday work, work, work, and work. Even weekend, I work either at home with using own computer or visit to my company's outlets. But all the while, I enjoy my busy life. I'm the first one who reaches office and open door for all the early birdies and the last one who leaves the office together with boss. My company is exactly like my second home. I spend time at office more than anywhere else. Work for more than 10 hours per day. 
At first, I never thought of I will be so committed to my job. Right now I get used of it. If I leave office earlier than usual, people would ask me. Most of my friends think that my boss very "bad" always "hak pok" me, always want me work work work and work like no life at all. In a way, I appreciated that I have such a good opportunity for myself to expose into varieties of job scope, experience workaholic life, involve in management level and many thing else at this early stage of working life. I don't care whatever people have commented on my working life, I just keep on moving towards the higher level. 
Perhaps my salary is not as high as my friends, in a way, I've gained much more than what money can be given. In life, there is something could not be buy but you can earn it. 
Somehow I would think in this manner, money can't buy you anything especially opportunities. Appreciate what you have because not every single person would have the same thing as you have. Just be proud for yourself. =D
Sometime will feel upset, boring, depressed, stressful, lonely perhaps and so forth, after all, I can say that I enjoy it. Because there is always one thing on my mind is treat my life as beautiful as possible. Just let the negative energy stay with me for couple of moments, after then my life is still most beautiful than anyone else. 
When I'm down, the depression is just for a while. After a while, everything will be uphill again. Beautiful life is going on. Be tough, be strong, be excellence and be yourself!!! =) Whatever I'm doing, it is creating a better future for myself and a better life for my family. Everything is worth for it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Be Forgiveness

Today I read about the Daily Inspiration - Daily Quote of Jonathan Lockwood Huie. There is a sentence stated as this, "Whatever happened, forgive others, forgive yourself, move forward, live for today and tomorrow." This is so true.
In real life, we have to be forgiveness. No matter what happened in the past, just forget about the bad things which have been done by others to you. Because whatever is done has done. Just bear in mind about what good things that other have given/done to/on you. Not to regret about the past but rectify the mistakes you've done before. Never repeat the same mistake.
Open your heart, think wisely and widely. Narrowing your heart would make you more suffering and might cause you lose up something else.
Be forgiveness, your world would be much prettier than ever you think of. Let go the past, appreciate the current, dare to dream, think and fight for future, to be the BETTER one. 
Regretting about the past, would not help to improve anything better yet it is wasting time, energy and the chances of paying good things to make the thing/matter better. Life is moving on. We can't stop at the past, we need to keep on moving forward. Self-enhancement is a necessary in our life so that we can LIVE better.
Whenever people treat you bad, be forgiveness, in a way, you can earn much more than you think.

It's Time to Be Back to WORK!

ohhh~~~ it's time to be back to WORK! CNY holiday is ending soon. Tomorrow will be going back to KL.
Had a great night with my YE buddies as usual. Though at first were kinda pissing off with their late RSVP.. LOL~ Ended up, today Ming Xian kept on scolding/complaining those people... X) sorry ya, pals!! just want you guys to be RSVP as soon as possible and not taking a week time... =P
I have no idea whether I miss my family too much or I don't wish my holiday end so soon. This time gonna leave home again, feel like kinda unwilling. Time flies~ we all were grown up and need to fight for own future and dreams. Be responsible on what I'm doing! I'm gonna get myself ready back to my busy working life. =)
Be passion to my job is very important. Otherwise, the working life will be very dull... LOL~
Gonna have some new plans... ngek ngek ngek~ X)
yeah yeah yeah~~~!!! hopefully I would have a great Dragon year ahead, no matter in my work, wealth, health, family and friendship.
Appreciated what been given to me all the while, not really happy during this CNY though. I miss you so much, Mo-mo!!! Granny, you're always in our heart! We miss you much than you can imagine it. Love you, Mo-mo! ='(
I knew that you and Grandpa will always help and protect us all the time. =')
jia you, jia you, jia you, I can do it! If you think you can, YOU CAN!!! =D Be optimistic, everything definitely goes fine. *cheers~

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Year of Dragon 2012

It's Chinese New Year!!! Gong Xi Gong Xi, Gong Xi Fa Cai!! 
Last minute I only have the feeling of buying stuffs for chinese new year. Otherwise, it is just another ordinary day to me.

To be frank, this Dragon year is like nothing much special to me yet I don't really feel the joyful and happiness. I came back all the way long from KL to Penang. I'm supposed to be excited and happy to enjoy with family and friends. Though there is no celebrations at our home this year. I'm still having gathering with friends. But there is only one gathering I could attend which is the yearly gathering of Y.E. friends. The other gang of friends... I don't think I can make it as I have to go back to KL soon for work. Another year which I'm absent for the High School's best friends gathering. I don't mind that as I'm always being forgotten most of the time due to I'm always can't make it. Form 6's friends... they are planning to pay Mr. & Mrs. Mah a visit... but I can't make it either... Haiz.... nevermind.... we all still can meet up some other time...

I don't like firecrackers... It is so annoying to me... =( not enjoying with the noise of firecrackers everywhere yet it is so irritating... No idea of since when, no matter what kind of big celebration or holiday sounds like supposed to be a great day for everyone becoming the extraordinary day to me. Nothing special at all, and it is a regular day.

I don't think it will be a great Chinese New Year to me. Maybe it is a brand new year which our beloved Granny is no longer beside us and celebrating Chinese New Year, the BIG day together with us anymore. I believe that everyone of us would be missing her so much. Besides that, I'm kinda pissing off on a few matters too. Hopefully everything will be fine soon. Being tough in front of people is not an easy task though, I'm still doing my best to be happy go lucky all the while as I don't wish to let people surrounding me worry about me. =) *cheers~!!!

No celebrations but I'm still go for shopping.... The minor happiness = buying new clothes and new shoes for the brand new working year ahead... =D Major happiness = I can spend time with my beloved family, reunion dinner.

My wishes for this Dragon year would be wishing everyone has a pink of health body, unlimited prosperity, best of luck all the while... Every good thing would come around and every bad thing would go away... =)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

1st week of 2012

Time flies... here it comes another weekend... it's been a week time I'm here, KL. After 4 days of work, I found that I'm just like I've worked with the company kinda long, in fact, I'm new! It's nothing to be fear or nervous for the first day of my work. I was quite really enjoy with the commitment to the company. Everyday wake up damn so early and go to work then come back later than 6pm. My time for weekdays is totally bonded with working hours. Only night time I can go n enjoy with friends. The weekend... of course... enjoy and have fun with friends with events, shopping, gathering or F&B... =)

I'm thankful that I have good friends surrounding me... of course, my family is the best though.... I also appreciated that I have a good boss who is willing to teach/lecture me so much thing with tolerance. Although the working life is busy, I've learned a lot. This is what I love... the learning process... I think I've found my direction of the year... Fight in my career path... catch up with everything as soon as possible so that I can perform well, in order proceed to the further tasks and higher level that I wish to achieve... X) *ngek ngek ngek*
I always need to remind myself to fight for what I wanna be, what I'm gonna change, what I'm gonna own! =D "jia you jia you jia you, ung ming xian, YOU CAN DO IT!!!"

Wish everybody has a pleasant weekend. So am I! =D
P.S. love what you're doing would make your life much more colourful <3